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In advertising for 15 years before switching to film and TV production. Was directing and producing TV commercials in his years as Creative Director in his advertising agency. He started working in broadcast TV on Mediacorp’s Channel 5 drama ‘Fighting Spiders’ and has since produced more than 130 hours of producing broadcast content either as a producer or director.


2006 – Present

From his past experience in telling stories in 30 sec or less, converting his Directing senses to long form narrative was fortunately a seamless one. Having his first short film decorated with a Singapore International Film Festival award certainly encouraged his migration to working in this new industry. After producing nearly 130 hours of broadcast content since, he is venturing into factual and lifestyle programmes to broaden his skills and experience.


2009 – Present

DIRECTED ‘FIGHTING SPIDERS’ SEASON 1 for DREAMFOREST, GAVIN took over as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER for the 2nd season. In his sophomore effort as an EP, this time for SITTING IN PICTURES producing their CH5 comedy ‘RULES OF THAM’ and then back to helming the two SUBHAS ANANDAN docudrama series for DREAMFOREST again. The experiences deepen his understanding of producing quality work amidst budgetary and scheduling constraints.


2012 – Present

Having been trained as a graphic designer, he has always been visual in his storytelling. He started to be Cameraman slash Director in 2012 when he was producing ‘THE BEST I COULD ‘ Season 1 when he couldn’t find any DP available for the rushed schedule. He has since lensed three other TV series. With his own set of high end equipment like the RED EPIC and several sets of 4K cinema glass, he is gearing up to provide the best quality possible in a wide myriad of budgets and constraints.

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